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The Way the Mountain Moved

By Idris Goodwin

Sound Design and Original Music

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Directed by May Adrales

Scenery by Sara Ryung Clement

Costumes by Deborah M. Dryden

Lights by Keith Parham

Projections by Shawn Duan

This play began with the survey team for the transcontinental railroad and expanded to be about intersectionality in the American west, and the environment.  We created soundscapes of the west, created a mythical sound that drove the plot in a visceral way, and tortured some subwoofers, wrote original music for the many transitions and movement sequences, and accompanied the projections as they described the written language of a character who spoke by writing. We really enjoyed recording entirely on real instruments for this one, and transforming the housing into a recording studio.

The Way the Moutain Moved - Nathan A. Roberts and Charles Coes
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