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Miss You Like Hell

Book and Lyrics by Quiara Alegría Hudes

Music and Lyrics by Erin McKeown

Sound Design and Keyboard Programming

Baltimore Center Stage

Directed by Rebecca Martínez

Musical Direction by Tiffany Underwood Holmes

Choreography by Alex Perez

Scenery by Reid Thompson

Costumes by Harry Nadal

Lighting by Elizabeth Mak

This was a fun one. It was a truly collaborative process with the creative team and the cast, who helped to create the world with percussion, sound effects and choreography when their character wasn't in the scene.  We had an onstage band in a beautifully spare set, and had to find some sneaky ways to add some acoustic treatment to the space with minimal visual impact with help from Reid and Rob, the TD.  It's a bit hard to put up a sample of the show for rights reasons, but we thing it sounded pretty darned good.

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