What We Do

We construct aural enviroments, music, sound systems, instruments and electronics to help to tell stories.  Mostly we do this for live theater and events, but we dabble in other media.  Everything from composed music played live every night and carried across to a difficult acoustic space transparently to the perfect fart sound or off stage crash.

Theater Design and Composition


A ton of what we do is here.  Look at some pictures and listen to some samples from past projects.



We also do location and studio recording as engineers and producers.  Listen to some samples of past projects here.



Every now and then we write some music that isn't for a show. Take a listen here.

Other Projects


These are mostly fun, or are thing we are proud of.  Look at Nathan's amazing Hurdy Gurdy, or Charles' Max Patchs.  Probably also a picture of our dogs here.

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